Mission Adventure 2010--Daily Journal

Day 7, Tuesday, July 13th

Mission Trip to Towaoc, CO
Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation
July 7-July 20, 2010

Latest update: 07/25/2010.

Team Members: (from JUMC) Paul Rogers, Teresa Rogers, Jim Starkey, Connie Starkey, Tammy Sue Moore, Paul Hoffman, Anita Hoffman, Steve Mann, Gary Buss, Becky Buss, Debra Beehler, Micah Rogers, Mariah Rogers, Caitlyn Wenger, Sarah Miller, Augie Farwig and Maggie Farwig.

Team Members: (from Sunnycrest UMC in Marion, IN) Ronda Huston, Angel Rea, Jack Wood, Connie Wood, Heather Huston and Lizzie Wood.

Day 7, Tuesday, July 13th

Day 7, another day of Vacation Bible Fun for "Team VBS" and construction for "The Crew".

The entrance steps were finished then work began on the benches while others secured the slats on the ramp.

Steve and Jack Staining Steps  "The Finished Steps

"The Crew"

"The Crew" on Finished Steps  "The Finished Steps

Vacation Bible Fun photos from today.  Making bead necklaces with a cross.

Photo from Day 6  Photo from Day 6

Photo from Day 6  Photo from Day 6

Photo from Day 6  Photo from Day 6

The day ended again with our evening meal together then group devotions and discussions.

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