Towaoc Mission Adventure 2011—Daily Journal

Day 9, Wednesday, July 27th

Mission Trip to Towaoc, CO
Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation
July 19—July 31, 2011

Latest update: 11/19/2011.

From Jamestown UMC: Paul Rogers, Teresa Rogers, Jim Starkey, Connie Starkey, Steve Mann, Roberta Mann, Gary Buss, Becky Buss, Randy Beehler, Debra Beehler, Keith Berg, Lana Berg, LeRoy Schrock, Micah Rogers, Mariah Rogers, Caitlyn Wenger, Sarah Miller, Liz Starr, Augie Farwig and Maggie Farwig.

From Sunnycrest UMC in Marion, IN: Jack Wood, Heather Huston, Aubry Richards, Hayli Parker.

From Trinity UMC in Kendallville, IN: Matt Pattison

Day 9, Wednesday, July 27th

Before showing today's activities, let's meet some of the 34 Ute children who attended Vacation Bible Fun.


The morning drive to Towaoc gave us a special view of Ute Mountain as low clouds obscures the peak.

Ute Mountain with the Peak in Low Clouds

Photos from today's Vacation Bible Fun.

Childon Slide  Child on Slide

Youth with Children on Playground  Girl Sitting in Playground Truck

Even the youth enjoy the playground!

Liz and Girl on Swings  Youth on Playground

A small lizard even joined in on the action.

Small Lizard on Playground

Left: Becky talks with children in a classroom.  Right: Mckynzi & Sarah become friends.

Becky with Girl in Classroom  Friends, McKynzi & Sarah

Maggie reads a story to the children while Sarah, Caitlyn, Liz and Matt help with today's craft.

Maggie Reading Story to Children  Liz, Caitlyn, Sarah & Matt Help Children with Crafts

—Construction Continues—

It should be mentioned that while at Towaoc all this week, we were joined by a great group of adults and youth from First United Methodist Church in Wichita, Kansas.  They were scraping and repainting the church building.  A lot of cooperation was needed as the two groups had to work around each other's project.

Wichita, Kansas Church Workers Scraping Paint

Left: LeRoy discusses the air conditioner with a local serviceman.
Right: Randy, Keith & LeRoy fix a Ute boy's bicycle.

LeRoy Discussing the Air Conditioner with Serviceman  Randy, Keith & LeRoy Help Fix Ute Boy's Bicycle

Left: Jim cuts sprinkler tubing while LeRoy looks on.
Right: Steve & Jack make some repairs to the playground truck.

Jim Cutting Tubing for Sprinkler   Steve & Jack Work on Playground Truck

Left: The sprinklers along the sidewalk are tested with success.
Right: Keith and Randy install the last of the sprinkler hose connections.

Sprinklers Along Sidewalk Spraying Water  Keith & Randy Install Final Sprinkler Input

In the evening, we had a carry-in at Towaoc in which the children and their families were invited.  We had a lot of good conversation with the parents while the children played.

Lana Talks with Child's Parent  Jack Talks with Child's Parent

Ute Family  Boy Swinging

Girl Going Down Slide  Lana Pushing Swing

Girl on Slide  Girl Playing with Dog

Then, as the day ends, we watch the sun set over Ute Mountain in the west.
And in the east, we see the sun's colorful beauty shining on the land and clouds.
What beauty God has created!

Sun Setting Over Ute Mountain  Sunset Shining Off of Eastern Landscape

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