Towaoc Mission Adventure 2011—Daily Journal

Day 5, Saturday, July 23rd

Mission Trip to Towaoc, CO
Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation
July 19—July 31, 2011

Latest update: 11/19/2011.

From Jamestown UMC: Paul Rogers, Teresa Rogers, Jim Starkey, Connie Starkey, Steve Mann, Roberta Mann, Gary Buss, Becky Buss, Randy Beehler, Debra Beehler, Keith Berg, Lana Berg, LeRoy Schrock, Micah Rogers, Mariah Rogers, Caitlyn Wenger, Sarah Miller, Liz Starr, Augie Farwig and Maggie Farwig.

From Sunnycrest UMC in Marion, IN: Jack Wood, Heather Huston, Aubry Richards, Hayli Parker.

From Trinity UMC in Kendallville, IN: Matt Pattison

Day 5, Saturday, July 23rd

We rose early and after breakfast, hit the road on the way to our destination—Cortez, CO.  But, there were a few stops along the way.  The beautiful scenery of Colorado had just begun.

Rafting down the Arkansas River was very popular. This was the return route we took last year.

Rafting on the Arkansas  Scenery on the way to Cortez/Towaoc

The next four pictures are of the Blue Mesa Reservoir.  There were pictures of this last year but it is such a beautiful reservoir that is must be seen again. This is a very large reservoir.  We marked our mileage at the beginning of it and when we arrived at the dam, it measured 26 miles long. The forth picture is the dam, but it's hidden behind some trees.

Blue Mesa Reservoir  Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir  Blue Mesa Reservoir

Our next stop was at Monarch Pass.  This is the western continental divide.  Water falling on the east side flows toward the Mississippi River and on the west side flows toward the Pacific Ocean.  From here, it's mostly all downhill.

Monarch Pass Sign  Mission Team at Monarch Sign

Left: View to the East.  Right: View to the West.

Looking East from Monarch Crest  Looking West from Monarch Crest.jpg

After about 5 hours of driving down through the winding roads, it was time for a break.  We stopped at a little creek which Pastor Paul referred to as "Babbling Brook".  The water was quite cool and no one fell in.

Wading in the Cool Water  Wading in the Cool Water

Wading in the Cool Water  Wading in the Cool Water

Wading in the Cool Water  Wading in the Cool Water

Less than two hours later, we arrived in Cortez in the late afternoon.  We spent this night at the Cortez KOA as our accommodations at the church would not be available until after their Sunday morning service.
Left: Looking east at the Mesa from the KOA;  Right: The evening sunset shining on the eastern clouds.

The Mesa Viewed fro the KOA in Cortez  Senset Shining on the Eastern Clouds

The evening sunset shining on the Mesa to the east.

Sunset Shining on the Mesa to the East  Sunset Shining on the Mesa to the East through the Trees

And what a way to end the day.  A silhouette of Ute Mountain off to the west of the KOA.

Silhouette of Ute Mountain from the KOA


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