Towaoc Mission Adventure 2011—Daily Journal

Day 11, Friday, July 29th

Mission Trip to Towaoc, CO
Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation
July 19—July 31, 2011

Latest update: 11/19/2011.

From Jamestown UMC: Paul Rogers, Teresa Rogers, Jim Starkey, Connie Starkey, Steve Mann, Roberta Mann, Gary Buss, Becky Buss, Randy Beehler, Debra Beehler, Keith Berg, Lana Berg, LeRoy Schrock, Micah Rogers, Mariah Rogers, Caitlyn Wenger, Sarah Miller, Liz Starr, Augie Farwig and Maggie Farwig.

From Sunnycrest UMC in Marion, IN: Jack Wood, Heather Huston, Aubry Richards, Hayli Parker.

From Trinity UMC in Kendallville, IN: Matt Pattison.

Day 11, Friday, July 29th

Up early this morning to prepare for our journey back toward the east.
The beginning of our return trip took us on a new route that we hadn't traveled before.
This route provided us with more beautiful scenery of the Colorado mountains.

Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO.  Quilt for Towaoc

Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO. with Hot Air Balloon in the Distance  Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO.

Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO.  Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO.

Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO.  Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO.

Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO.  Scenery Between Cortez &Pueblo, CO.

For our noon meal today, we had packed our lunch.  We stopped in Walsenburg, CO at Ft. Garland.
Ft. Garland was set up in 1858 as a Military Outpost to protect settlers from hostile Indians.
After eating lunch at the picnic tables, we took a tour of the fort.

Flag Post at Ft. Garland  Plaque Describing Fort Garland

Carriages at Fort Garland  Military Wagon at Fort Garland

Soldier's barracks being restored using real adobe bricks.

Soldier's Barracks at Fort Garland  Soliier's Barracks at Fort Garland

In Commandant's office, the Commandant talks with two local Indians.

Commandant Talking to Two Indians in His Office

On the road again, our next stop was Denver for supper and to spend the night.
On the way to supper, we passed Invesco Field, home of the Denver Broncos.

Downtown Denver Buildings  Bronco Stadium

Supper tonight was at a mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita.
In addition to the meal, there were also many shops and various types of entertainment.

Casa Bonita Resturant

Deb & Randy Eating at Casa Bonita  Eating at Casa Bonita

Eating at Casa Bonita  Eating at Casa Bonita

Cliff Diving inside Casa Bonita.

Man Cliff Diving  Man Cliff Diving

Colorful Decorations Inside Casa Bonita  Inside Casa Bonita

Relaxing after supper.

Roberta & Steve Relas After Supper Connie & Jim Relaxing After Supper

The Towaoc Mission Adventure Team.

Mission Team Picture at Casa Bonita

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