Vacation Bible School-2012

Day 4, Wednesday, July 11th

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Today's Bible Verse

Day 4 Bible Verse, Proverbs 12:22


The search for "The Ultimate Treasure" continues.

Reid reminded the children of what they have learned so far this week.  Reid said, "The treasure that we have found is not the kind of treasure that makes you rich enough to buy anything you want.  The treasures we have been discovering are the treasures that make us rich inside.  The treasures we have been finding makes us a better person and pleases God.  We’ve been learning about truth, and how that can be a wonderful treasure.

Blade then tells the children that today they are going to learn the importance of standing up for the truth.  It will be wonderful, marvelous, colossal, phenomenal, stupendous…

As Blade starts telling the kids about her being a "super-hero" and all her "super-powers", she is interpreted by Gramps.  "Now hold on there a minute, you little whipper-snapper!", says Gramps.  "I think it’s time these kids knew what super hero Blade was really like!"  Blade pleaded with him not to tell any stories but Gramps continued.  "Why, I remember the time when you were only four years old and you thought you were gonna fly off the roof!  Why, you took the sheets off your sister’s bed and used them for a cape!  You got scared and the fireman had to climb up on the roof and carry you down!  Ha!  Some super-hero!"

Gramps & Blade Talk to the Children    Gramps & Blade Talk to the Children

Blade finally admitted that she may have exaggerated a little bit, that she didn't have any super-powers.  She couldn't see through walls or jump over tall buildings like she had told the kids earlier.

Blade then said that she wanted to tell the children about two friends that almost got into a heap of trouble.  One day, two best friends went into a candy store to buy some candy.  Blade chose two children to play the best friends, Ted & Fred.  Ted decided to take a piece of candy and hide it in his pocket.  So now Ted has taken an ooey-gooey fudge bar and hid it in his pocket.  Then, he walks over to Fred, and he says, “I’m stealing an ooey-gooey fudge bar.  Do you want one?”

Gramps & with "Ted" & "Fred"    "Ted" & "Fred"

These two friends never said anything about stealing the candy.  Ted just tried to steal the candy and Fred never said anything about it.  The kids started to leave the store, but then the man behind the counter saw them, told them to stop and asked them why they didn't pay for the candy.  The boys denied taking the candy but the man had seen them steal it.  The man said he was going to call the police.

So, who is going to get into trouble?  Ted will get in trouble, because he was disobeying the law and he was disobeying God by stealing the candy.  But, Fred will get in trouble too because he knew that Ted was trying to steal the candy and he didn’t say anything!  So even though Fred didn’t try to steal anything, he will still get into big trouble because he hid the truth!

The way the story actually went was like this.  After Ted had taken the candy bar and Fred didn't say anything, Blade walked into the store, walked up to Fred & said, “Stop!  Are you going to let your friend take that candy?”  So, what should Fred do?  Blade takes out her "Sword of the Spirit" (her Bible, the Word of God).  Blade reads from Proverbs 14:25.  "It says a truthful witness saves lives, but a false witness is deceitful."
"OK, Fred.  Now, you know that Ted is planning to steal the candy, so that means that you’re a witness to what he’s doing.  Are you going to be a truthful witness or a false witness?
Now, if you’re a false witness, you won’t say anything about Ted taking the candy, and the Bible says that’s deceitful.  That means it’s like lying!"
You saw what could have happened.  Ted & Fred got caught and they both would have got into a lot of trouble.

Now, if you’re a truthful witness, the bible says you’ll save lives!  And if you’re a truthful witness, it means you’ll have to tell the store clerk that your friend is trying to steal the candy.

If you see someone doing something really bad, like stealing, it’s important to be a truthful witness.  And even though people might get really mad at you for being truthful, you know that it’s the right thing to do because God says so in his Word.  Honesty is always the best policy.


Craft for the Day

Girl with Mask


Another singing practice before the final Day 5.

Children Singing     Children Singing

Reid tells the children that tomorrow's adventure will be the final hunt for...
"The Ultimate Treasure".


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