Vacation Bible School-2012

Day 2, Monday, July 9th

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Today's Bible Verse

Day 2 Bible Verse, Acts 17:11b


Day 2 begins with more singing.  Practice makes perfect, they say.

Children Singing Children Singing  Children Singing

Children Singing Children Singing  "Reid" Singing


The adventures of Reid, Doc, Casey & Blade continues.
Reid first reminded the kids of the treasure he talked about on Day 1; the first treasure that the four of them found.  The treasure was the truth we find in God’s word, which is in the Bible.
Then Blade joins Reid to continue their story of the search for the Ultimate Treasure.

Reid, Blade and Reporter Regann


Today Reid shared an adventure that Doc had.  Doc took a scientific adventure & found a treasure from God’s Word that helped them learn more about science.

It all started with Doc inviting his friend, Susie, over to talk about science.  He explained that science is the study of how things work.  He told Susie that God set up the world a certain way and sometimes we humans like to figure out how all the stuff God set up works.  He told her that there are four important steps to science.  The first step is called the “problem”.  Like, why is the sky blue?  A problem is a question.

Once we have the problem the next step is to form a "hypothesis".  A hypothesis is when we use what we already know & take our best guess about the answer to our question.

The next step is called an "experiment".  In science, an experiment is where you set up a way to test your hypothesis and see for yourself if it’s right.
Reid told the kids about the Apostle Paul who went to visit the Bereans.  Paul was a great teacher and he told the Bereans about many things in the Bible.  Even though the Bereans were really excited about all the stuff Paul taught them, they didn’t just take his word for it.  They tested for themselves to see if what Paul said was true by reading the Bible for themselves.  If Paul had been wrong, the Bereans would have found out because they did an experiment.

The final step to science is called the "conclusion".  It’s the final answer to the problem. The Bereans came to the conclusion that Paul was right about everything he taught them from the Bible.

At this point, the children went to their classes, crafts and games to learn more about the four scientific steps; Problem, Hypothesis, Experiment and Conclusion.


For an experiment, children use a compass to verify which direction is North.

Children Experimenting with a Compass  Children Experimenting with a Compass


Sharon Prepares for Craft Time

Sharon Prepares for Craft Time


Children working on their Crafts.

Children Working on Crafts  Children Working on Crafts

Children Working on Crafts


The kids ran an experiment to see if they were able to run the same after
spinning around a bat as they did before spinning.

Children Ready to Run  Child Running

Child Spinning Around Bat  Child Spinning Around Bat

Child Running  Child Running


Hard to run when you're dizzy, right?

Child Fell Down


Joy gets a little help with her snack.

Joy Gets Help with Snack


Reid takes a break between skits.

Reid Takes a Break


Regann and Angela lead the children in singing at the end of the day.

Regann & Angela Lead Singing

Children and Teachers Singing  Children and Teachers Singing


Reid told the children to remember that whenever somebody says something and you’re not sure if it’s true, be like the Bereans!  Read your Bible & find out for yourself!  It holds some of the greatest truth treasures to be found and if you’re not sure how to look for answers in the Bible, ask your Mom or Dad to help you!
Reid also told them that tomorrow they will have a great treasure hunt for truth, to learn what happens when we lie.


Pastor Paul closes the day with a few words of wisdom & prayer.

Pastor Paul

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