Vacation Bible School-2012

Day 1, Sunday, July 8th

Truth Quest VBS Logo    VBS Logo

Meet the characters from "The Ultimate Treasure".
There's Doc the Scientist, Casey the Detective, Blade the "Super Hero"
& Reid the Adventurer.  Together they make up
the Truesworth family.

Ultimate Treasure Characters


Coordinating the activities of the 2012 VBS are Celeste Weesner and Angela Cook.

Co-Directors, Celeste & Angela

Treasure Map and Chest

Props of Blade & Reid


Each day began with an opening prayer.

Pastor Paul Opening with Prayer


Each day, the children learned a Bible Verse.

Day 1 Bible Verse from Psalms 25:5a


Angela leads the Children in singing with help from Mariah & Regann.

Anglea Leads the Singing with Help from Mariah & Regann

Children Singing    Children Singing

Children Singing    Children Singing


And then TruthQuest's story begins in search for... "The Ultimate Treasure"

Regann, the Reporter, introduces Reid, the Adventurer.  Reid tells how he loves history and fiction.  Most of all he loves reading the Bible.  The Bible holds the greatest adventures ever written.
Reid said, "We learned what a TruthQuest is a long time ago.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  We all learned a lesson about always being honest with each other & living for the truth."

Reid & Reporter, Regann


Doc is a creation scientist who knows that God created our universe just as it says in the Bible and that science is simply the study of how this wonderful world works.

Casey is a detective, but sometimes Casey’s quest for the truth often leads her to situations where the answers seem unclear-until she discovers the truth in her Bible.

Blade is a not-so-super, super hero who tries to protect truth & justice.  Blade does have one very useful tool on her side…the Sword of the Spirit…her Bible.

Reid related a story about when Blade pointed out that when we hide the truth from each other, it’s kind of like lying to each other.  We can’t trust each other if we’re not always honest with each other.  The real truth was that we all had maps.  But each piece of our maps fit together to make a bigger map.  If we had kept the maps secret, we may never have found the treasure without one another.

"As it turned out, the maps led us to the treasure chest.  In the Treasure Chest was a letter from Gramps.  In the letter, Gramps said, 'Although there's no gold or silver, or jewels, you have discovered a treasure worth more than anything.  Keep looking, keep searching and you will find more.'  Gramps wanted to see if they would be truthful with each other & work together to find the treasure.  Gramps went on to say that all through life you need to look for truth."

The story continues at the end of the day.


The children then split into their groups and went to classes, crafts and
games to learn more about what it means to always be honest and tell the truth.



Sharon and Erin help the children with creating Treasure Maps.

Making Treasure Maps  Making Treasure Maps  Making Treasure Maps

Treasure Map


In the Classroom, Deb teaches the children about being truthful and honest.

Teacher in Classroom


Children in Classroom Children in Classroom


Gail, Sue & Jana also teach the children about truth and honesty.

Gail Teaching Children  Sue and Jana Teaching Children


Mark demonstrates through games the importance of working together and being truthful.

  Mark Talks with Children During Game Time

Stuffed Dog for Games


And then it's time to eat!

TeacherChildren Eating  Children Eating

Marta Passes Out Cookies

At the end of the day, the children practiced their songs then Reid continued his story about what Gramps left in the Treasure Chest.  "There was also a box for each of us.  When we looked inside, we found a Bible.  Gramps explained that the Bible is our treasure map for finding the truth.  God is the author of truth.  He has given each of us a way to find the truth, and that is the Bible, God’s word.  He went on to say that the Bible will be our guide to know what is truth and what is not.  If we study our Bible, God will show us what is truth.  We have to be on guard though, some will try to trick & mislead us.  Always have your Bible with you so you won’t get on the wrong path when someone doesn't tell the truth."

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