Vacation Bible School-2012

Day 3, Tuesday, July 10th

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Today's Bible Verse

Bible Verse Proverbs 15:3


Today began with singing.  The children have been learning four songs this week.
Their most favorite..."Be a Barean".

Children Singing    Children and Teachers Singing


Reid told the children that today they were going on an adventure in the Bible, in the book of Joshua.  "We are going to learn about a guy named Achan", said Reid.

The story starts in the book of Joshua, in chapter six.  That’s when the Israelites marched around Jericho.  God had told the Israelites to go and take over Jericho because it was a bad city and God wanted Israel to take it over.  God told the Israelites to march around Jericho once a day for six days.  On the seventh day, God told the Israelites to march around the city seven times, and at the end of all that marching, God told the Israelite priests to blow their trumpets. Then God told them all to give a loud shout and the walls came tumbling down.
God told them to take the gold & silver things for God.  But God also told Joshua that nobody should take any of the things for themselves.  Achan did not listen and he took some things in Jericho that he wanted for himself.

Even though no one saw Achan take the things, God knew he did.  And when the Israelites went to another city to take it over, God was not with them and several Israelites were killed.  When Joshua asked God, he told him that someone in Israel had sinned.  God then had the Israelites punish Achan for his sin.  Achan disobeyed God and got into even more trouble because he hid the truth.  He should have told the truth in the first place.


Rachel and Lana help children with their craft.

Rachael Helping Child with Crafts    Lana Helping Child wit Craft


Children work on their crafts, Reid's Wordless Book of Truth and beaded key chains.

Reid's Wordless Book of Truth  Key Chain

Child Working on Craft  Child Working on Craft

Child Working on Craft  Child Working on Craft

Child Working on Craft


Having fun between activities.

Joy with Child Doing "Piggy Back"  Three Friends


Some of the Kitchen Crew that provides food & drinks for the children.

The Kitchen Crew


To end the evening, Reid told the children that even if we think we might get in trouble for something, it’s better to tell the truth about it!  You might get into some trouble, but you’ll get into way more trouble by hiding the truth!  "Remember, don’t hide the truth like Achan did!  No matter how much trouble you think you’ll be in, you’ll always get into way more trouble if you don’t tell the truth about it!  Remember to pray and ask God to help you to always be truthful!"

The treasure for today is knowing that it’s always best to tell the truth, no matter what.  Lying will get you nowhere!

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