Vacation Bible School-2011

Day 3, Tuesday, July 12th

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Day 3 again began with registration of new children, the opening prayer by Pastor Paul and instructions for the day from Becky.  The Word of the Day was "FORGIVENESS".

She thanked the children for bringing in more canned goods and for the increasing amount of stuffed animals and other creatures.

Attendance for Day was 47 children.  Everyone was glad to see such a great response of children who wanted to learn about God's Forgiveness.

  Street Sign

The Line of Bears and Other Creatures

All aboard the bus to Main Street, U.S.A.—Day 3.

The children continued to practice their songs "I'll Adjust My Attitude" and "Jesus Makes a Difference Every Day".  On Day 4, they would learn a new song.

Children Singing  Children Singing

Girl Singing  Children Singing

Boy Singing  Children Singing

Youth & Children Singing

The classes again went to the various activities of crafts, games, Parable Productions and classrooms, where the children acted out the Daily Word (Forgiveness) and talked about what they learned during story telling.

Lana told the children about "The Parable of the Shocking Servant"  (Matthew 18:21-35).  In response to Peter's question about forgiveness, Jesus told this parable so the disciples would know that they should forgive again and again and again, without keeping track of the number of times!

In this parable, a king was looking at his financial records and found out that one servant owed him quite a bit of money—far more than the servant could ever hope to repay.  The king demanded that the servant and his whole family be sold to reclaim at least part of what the servant owed.  When the servant begged for mercy, the master took pity on him and forgave his debt.

Just as soon as the servant had been forgiven, he went to his fellow servant who owed him money and demanded full payment immediately—not forgiving the man's debt!  When word got back to the master of what had happened, in his anger, the master turned the servant over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.

The reality is that forgiveness is a two-way street.  God, through Jesus, is forgiving; but we're also expected to be just as forgiving to others who do wrong to us.  Don't count how many times you forgive, just forgive until no more forgiveness is needed!

The children again went to their classrooms where they discussed the parable and performed a skit that helped them learn the meaning of Forgiveness by acting it out.

During Craft Time, the children made bookmarks that contained The Lord's Prayer.  The Lord's Prayer is significant here as it talks about Forgiveness.

Bookmark with "The Lord's Prayer"  Bookmark with "The Lord's Prayer"  Bookmark with "The Lord's Prayer"

Girl Making Bookmark  Girl Making Bookmark

Boy Making Bookmark  Boy Making Bookmark

Game Time consisted of the children holding on to the edge of a round parachute.  A beach ball was placed in the middle and the children were to coordinate themselves so the ball would roll around the parachute in a circle.  Not as easy as it sounds.

Children Holding Parachute  Children Holding Parachute

Children Holding Parachute  Children Holding Parachute

At the beginning of Day 3, the kids were asked to carry a rock around all evening to represent a burden or sin that they have been carrying.  At the end of the evening, they were then asked to take out their rock and think of someone they needed to forgive or maybe they needed to ask God to forgive them.  Then the children were asked to place the rock at the foot of the cross to symbolize the laying down of their burdens and bad feelings. It's the perfect place where we all can find forgiveness—with Jesus.

Children Placing Rocks at the Foot of the Cross  Children Placing Rocks at the Foot of the Cross

Cross with Notes & Rocks at the Foot

We've all done things we know we shouldn't have.  And it's easy to stay angry when someone has hurt us.  But Jesus turns that feeling upside down.  Jesus wants us to choose forgiveness—deciding to let go of the wrong things people do and the hurt feelings you have.  And sharing forgiveness with others is even better!

Today's Word on the Street was Forgiveness, and that is just one way that Jesus makes a difference every day!

Thank you God for your love and forgiveness towards us and how you have demonstrated both of these by sending Jesus.  Amen.

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