Vacation Bible School-2011

Day 4, Wednesday, July 13th

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Day 4 again began with registration of new children, the opening prayer by Pastor Paul and instructions for the day from Becky.  The Word of the Day was "GRACE".

The children brought in even more canned goods and stuffed animals and other creatures that filled not only the one communion rail but part of the second one.  Awesome kids!!

Attendance for Day 4 was down a bit at 43 children.  But everyone was still glad to see such a great response of children who wanted to learn about God's Grace.

  Street Sign

Main Street Bus

All aboard the bus to Main Street, U.S.A.—Day 4.

The children continued to practice their songs "I'll Adjust My Attitude" and "Jesus Makes a Difference Every Day".  Today, they learned a new song, "G-R-A-C-E".  A very lively tune.

Sandra Leading Songs

Youth & Children Holding Letters Spelling GRACE  Children Singing

Youth & Girl Singing with Arms RAised  Girl Singing with Arms Raised  Girl Singing with Arms Raised

Children Singing 

Youth Singing  Children Singing

The classes again went to the various activities of crafts, games, Parable Productions and classrooms, where the children acted out the Daily Word (Grace) and talked about what they learned during story telling.

Lana told the children about "The Parable of the Warmest Welcome"  (Luke 15:11-32).  This parable is one of three that Jesus told to help people know how much God loves them and is eager to welcome them into His kingdom.

A young son wanted to be on his own.  Why not take his share of the inheritance now and go?  Reluctantly his father agreed, and the son did have fun for a while.  But the fun ended when hard times came.  Hungry and humiliated, he made his way home.  A loving, compassionate father saw him coming and ran to meet him before the young man had a chance to apologize.  The father welcomed him with total forgiveness, a big hug, clean clothes, and a great banquet.  This is a picture of the joy in Heaven when a sinner comes back to God.

The father's other son was a picture of the Pharisees.  They bragged about their goodness and loyalty to the law, but had no concern for sinners even when those sinners were ready to repent.

The father loved both of his sons, and both disappointed him—one by running away, the other by being resentful when his sibling returned.

God is like the father.  He loves all His children, even when they disappoint Him.  He treasures those who are faithful.  He grieves over those who reject Him and is always ready to forgive when they come home.

Lana at Story Time

The children again went to their classrooms where they discussed the parable and performed a skit that helped them learn the meaning of Grace by acting it out.

Children in Class Learning about Grace  Children in Class Learning about Grace

During Craft Time, the children decorated crosses and fish symbols.

Decorated Cross  Decorated Fish

Liz helps some children with their crafts.

Youth Helping Children with Crafts

Girl Decorating Cross  Girl Decorating Cross

Boy Decorating Cross  Girl Decorating Cross

Game Time today was a little crazy.  The children were divided up into two groups.  They were to take a bag with miscellaneous articles of clothing, run approximately 10 yards to another spot, take the clothing articles out of the bag and put them on.  The clothing articles were: a scarf, a T-shirt and a pair of mittens.  After putting on the clothing, they ran back to the start point, removed the three articles of clothing, put them in the bag and then the next person repeated the same thing.  The kids (and one youth) had a lot of fun with this but it was anything but GRACEful.

Boy Running with Bag and Clothing Articles  Girl Running with Bag and Clothing Articles

Girl Running with Bag Clothing Articles  Girl Putting on Scarf

Girl Running with Bag Clothing Articles  Youth Running with Bag Clothing Articles

We have God's grace in spite of the wrong things we've done.  God loves us as His children.  Instead of the punishment we deserve, God gives us grace. 

Closing out the evening, the children were given "jewels" to place in a special spot at home where they will see it every day to remind them of the treasure of God's grace—the most inside out and upside down gift ever.

Today's Word on the Street was Grace, and that it's the most amazing way that Jesus makes a difference in our lives!

Thank you God for your love and grace towards us and what it means in our lives, giving us all the chance to be forgiven and live with you forever.  Amen.

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