Vacation Bible School - 2010

Egypt-Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace

Day 1, Sunday, August 1

The evening of Day 1 began with the registration of the children and assigning them to "families".  These families did activities together and with other families.  Each family consisted of children of different age groups and were lead by "family leaders".

The "family" names were: Amarna, Asyut, Giza, Medinet el-fayum, Memphis, Rosetta, Sais and Zoan.

Amarna  Armana Group

Asyut  Ssyut Group

Giza  Giza Group

Medinet  Medinet Group

Memphis  Memphis Group

Rosetta  Rosetta Group

Sais  Sais Group

Zoan  Zoan Group

The Bible Story

Joseph's story begins with him in a dark prison guarded by the prison guard, Rameses.

Joseph in Prison                      Rameses the Prison Guard

He tells the children about how, back in Canaan where he used to live, he had 11 brothers who hated him because he was his dad's favorite son.  His dad had given him a special coat and let everyone know that he loved Joseph most.  Joseph also told his brothers about his "weird" dreams where they all were tying up wheat and his bundle stood up and his brother's bundles bowed down to his.  His brothers were really mad and so they threw him into a deep, dark well and then sold him to a caravan of Ishmaelite traders who took him to Egypt to be someone's slave.  He was a slave of a man named Potiphar.  Potipher was good to Joseph as he saw that God was with him.  He put Joseph in charge of his whole household and with God's help, Joseph did a good job.

But then things turned bad...really fast.  Potipher's wife wanted Joseph to be her boyfriend and that was not OK.  When he said "no" to her, she told lies about him and he was thrown into prison.  There, he was alone.  He had no one.  But God was still with him.

The Bible Point for the day: "God Gives Us Hope"

Even in prison, God gave Joseph hope.  God made him a favorite of the warden and the warden put Joseph in charge of other prisoners. Joseph also interpreted dreams for other prisoners that they didn't understand.  One of the released prisoners was supposed to put in a good word to Pharaoh, but Joseph sat in prison for two years, apparently forgotten.  Joseph did not give up because he knew that "God Gives Us Hope"  in hard times and good times.

Suddenly, the prison guard told Joseph that Pharaoh wanted to see him.  Was this a good thing or a bad one?

Day 2, Monday, August 2

Pharaoh had two mysterious dreams that no one could interpret.  Suddenly, the forgetful prisoner remembered Joseph interpreting his dream correctly.  Joseph was summoned to Pharaoh and Joseph told him "It is beyond my power to do this...but God can tell you what it means."  With his God-given ability, Joseph revealed the meaning of the dream to Pharaoh.  His dreams meant that Egypt was to have seven good, happy, healthy years and then seven years where no food will grow in Egypt.  Joseph told Pharaoh that during the good years food should be stored away and then the people would have food to eat during the bad years.  Pharaoh was so amazed and impressed that he made Joseph his second in command with incredible power and responsibility.  With Joseph's special abilities given to him by God, he was able to help Pharaoh's entire nation through seven years of severe famine.

The Bible Point for the day: "God Gives Us Special Abilities"

God gives each of us special abilities.  Joseph showed the children how they each had some special ability.  Some could snap their fingers while others could whistle.  Whatever our ability, it was given to us by God.

Joseph moved into the palace and Rameses was promoted to "Palace Guard".

Joseph in the Palace                      Rameses the Prison Guard

Day 3, Tuesday, August 3

While Pharaoh gave Joseph a new job, clothes, jewelry, name and a wife, God gave Joseph incredible wisdom to save Egypt from famine.  Joseph wisely gathered one-fifth of the crops during the good years.  Then, as God foretold, famine came to Egypt.

The Bible Point for the day: "God Gives Us Wisdom"

Joseph tells the children about his new name, Zaphenath-paneah (which he doesn't like), his new job and family.  He tells them of his wife and two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.  He tells them about the famine and how he's concerned about his family back in Canaan.  Even though they were mean to him, he missed them.  They were still his family.  Family is very important.

Day 4, Wednesday, August 4

In dire need of food, Joseph's 10 older brothers went to Egypt.  Joseph saw them and recognized them but they did not recognize him.  He was angry and had them put in prison for three days.  He then let all but Simeon return to Canaan with food and a task--bring back Benjamin as proof they are not spies.  When they run out of food, they return to Egypt with Benjamin.  Joseph sets them up by placing a silver cup into Benjamin's sack then sends the guards to retrieve the "stolen" cup.  When Judah begs for mercy for his little brother, Joseph sees the love and change in his brothers.  He reveals to them who he is and tells them, "It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives".  Joseph's mercy reunited his family.

The Bible Point for the day: "God Gives Us Forgiveness"

Joseph clenches his fists and tells the children of his anger towards his brothers.  He asked the children to help him pray and then they prayed to God  to help him let go of his anger and pride and to give him the strength to forgive.

Joseph With Clenched Fists  Children Clenching Fists with Joseph

Day 5, Thursday, August 5

Family was very important to Joseph.  His forgiveness brought his family together.  Even Pharaoh blessed his family.  He gave them a good place to live and many good things like clothes and food.  Joseph reminded the children that God gave him hope, God gave him special abilities, God gave him wisdom and God gave him forgiveness.  And now...

The Bible Point for the day: "God Gives Us a Family"

God gave Joseph his family back.  He was so excited he wanted to learn a new dance to celebrate and dance and sing when his family returned from Canaan.  Joseph thanked the children for helping him while he was in prison and with his new job in Pharaoh's palace.  And Joseph told them, "God Bless you as you continue your journey".

Singing and Dancing

Each day, the children and leaders would gather in the sanctuary to learn the Bible Points, songs and dances.  Pastor Paul opened the sessions with prayer and the Bible Point.  At the end of the evening, Sandy lead the families in song while the Youth leaders showed them the dance moves.

Pastor Paul

Youth Dancing  Augie Egyptian Dance

Children Dancing  Children Dancing

Children Singing  Youth Teaching Songs

Youth Teaching Songs  Youth Teaching Songs

Children Singing

The Market Place

While the children were not visiting Joseph in prison or in the palace, they were able to visit "The Market Place" which had a variety of shops for the children to purchase items and services with special coins they earned by attending VBS.

Basket Shop

There was a "Basket Shop" where the children wove small baskets with a variety of yarn sizes and colors.  Many children were thinking of others as they made multiple baskets throughout the week to give as gifts to friends and family members.  This was a very popular shop.

Basket Shop  Teaching Child to Weave Basket

Weaving Basket  Weaving Basket

Weaving Basket  Teaching Child to Weave Basket

Weaving Basket  Weaving Baskets

Linen Shop

The "Linen Shop" made blankets where the children were able to tie the edges together.  Ten soft blankets were made during the week.  Each blanket had a label sewn on it indicating that it came from the JUMC VBS 2010.  They were then donated to Faith Mission and the Women's Shelter to give comfort to someone facing difficulties in their life.

Linen Shop  Teaching Child to Tie Blanket Edge

Tying Blanket Edge  Tying Blanket Edge

Jewelry Shop

At the "Jewelry Shop", children were able to make their own necklaces with wooden crosses and beads of a variety of colors and shapes.  They also could make "Egyptian" collars.

Jewelry Shop  Shop Keeper Watching Children

Making Necklaces  Making Necklaces

Making Necklaces  Making Necklaces

Making Necklaces

Necklace  Necklace  Necklace

Barber/Salon Shop

Next to the Basket Shop was a "Barber/Salon Shop".  Here the boys were able to get their first "shave" and the girls had their nails painted and eye make-up in Egyptian style.  This was another popular shop as many of the children returned here each evening.

Barber/Salon Shop  Getting Her Eyes Painted

Good Friends  Getting Nails Painted

His First Shave  His First Shave

Getting Her Eyes Painted  Checking Her Painted Eyes in Mirror

Brick Making Shop

At the "Brick Making Shop" the children learned to make bricks the way the slaves made them in Egypt, with soil, straw and water.  Most of them were decorated with "jewels".

Brick Making Shop  Children Making Bricks

Teaching Child to Make a Brick  Brick with Jewels

Adding "Jewels" to Brick  Child Making a Brick

The Food Shop

And of course, there was the always popular "Food Shop" where the children could relax with good snacks and drinks.

Food Shop  Child Eating Snack

Child Dating Snack  Child Eating Snack

Children Eating Snacks  Child Eating Snack

Games Sign

Then to burn off all that stored up energy, there were the outdoor "Games".

Games included being wrapped up as a "Mummy' then changing into a "Mummy Warrior".

Boy Wrapped as a Mummy  Child as Mummy Warrior

The children tried to lasso animals using hula-hoops.  We have a winner!!

Donkey Waiting to be Lassoed  Donkey Caughy in Lasso

Girl Throwing Lasso  Girl Throwing Lasso

Then there was the "slippery fish"??  Looked more like a watermelon but, it was still very slippery like a fish.

Girl Holding a Fish?

Balancing a wet sponge on the head at first seemed hard, but the kids soon learned it was easy.  You can even blow a bubble while walking and balancing the sponge.

Balancing Wet Sponge on Head  Balancing Wet Sponge on Head  Balancing Wet Sponge on Head

Now, believe it or not, these kids really do know how to dress themselves.  But, in this game the key is speed and it doesn't matter where the article of clothing goes.  Boots on the hands?  Yep, that's allowed!  Carrying the clothes in your hands or arms...not allowed!

Kids in a "Clothes Race"  Kids in a "Clothes Race"  Kids in a "Clothes Race"

Kids in a "Clothes Race"  Kids in a "Clothes Race"  Kids in a "Clothes Race"

Then, there's the age old game of the human wheelbarrow race.  Harder than is appears!

Human Wheelbarrow Race  Human Wheelbarrow Race  Human Wheelbarrow Race

And finally, the games ended with leapfrog.  Not easy when you have short legs.

Kids Playing Leap Frog  Kids Playing Leap Frog

At the end of the VBS week, on Thursday, the parents were invited to come and listen to the songs, dances and Bible Points & Verses that the children learned during the week.  They did a great job!

The Finale

After a busy week with all the activities of singing, dancing, games, the market place and the Bible Story, the kids were ready for some special fun that they had been promised all week.  Pastor Paul had declared on Day 1 that if the 33 kids there would bring their friends or other family members and get over 40 kids to attend, then they could throw water balloons at him at the end of VBS on Thursday.  Well, that wasn't too hard.  On Day 2, there were well over 40 children in attendance.  Did the kids have fun?  Just look!

Child Throwing Water Balloon  Child Throwing Water Balloon  Child Throwing Water Balloon

Water Balloon Thrown at Pastor Paul

Water Balloon Thrown at Pastor Paul

Ooooh...that's cold!

Pastor Paul Getting Hit with Water Balloon  Child Throwing Water Balloon

But, that's not all!  It was also declared that if the there were 50 kids in attendance, then Augie would get fixed up with make-up and then get the water balloons!  Well, 47 was close enough, right kids?

What a sight!!  And he said it wouldn't end up on the website. Right on, Augie!

First, the make-up!  Nice Look, Augie!

Augie with Wig  Augie with Wig and Make-up

Augie with Wig and Make-up  Augie with Wig and Make-up

Then came the balloons!

Child Throwing at Augie  Augie-Just a Little Wet

He doesn't look very wet yet!  More balloons!!

Child Throwing at Augie  Augie-Much Wetter

Now, that's more like it!!

Come on, Augie! Take it like a Man... er...Woman?

Augie Wincing from Balloon

Nice nails, Augie!!!

Augie Showing Off His Nail Polish

Well, it sure looks like the kids had a lot of fun this week, doesn't it?  They also learned a lot this week about Joseph and what family means to all of us.  Remember, God Gives Us Hope, God Gives Us Special Abilities, God Gives Us Wisdom, God Gives Us Forgiveness and God Gives Us Family.

Thank You!

A big THANK YOU to all the kids who attended the Jamestown UMC Vacation Bible School-2010.  Also, a big THANK YOU to all the parents who allowed us to teach your children about God's word, and have fun in the process.

Thanks to our two co-directors, Kris Hochstetler and Celeste Weesner for a great job again in organizing the 2010 VBS.

VBS was also a great success because of the outstanding staff of volunteers that helped with all the children and worked in the various activities.

LouAnn Pontius Jane Rapp Leroy Schrock
Marcia Clark David Hochstetler Marcia Cook
Geneva Cook Linda Rodman John Moore
Rachel Gladieux Ray Hochstetler Paula LaPlace
Marta Clark Joy Moore Celeste Weesner
Kirk Weesner Pastor Paul Becky Buss
Regena LaPlace Mark Cook Brian Hochstetler
Augie Farwig Gary Buss Gail Greenlee
Maggie Farwig Sarah Miller Angela Cook
Kris Hochstetler Elizabeth Starr Sandra Metcalf
Linda Squibb Micah Rogers Mariah Rogers
Steph Knowlton Nancy Miller Sandra Metcalf
Kennedy Knowlton Paige Miller Carley Miller
Teresa Rogers Jana Risemas Caitlyn Wenger
Tammy Sue Moore Brittany Kamp

Thanks also to those individuals and groups that gave donations that were used as props, class materials and overall program needs.

Donors and Other Support
Marcia & Gary Cook Larry Pappas Lil Beehler
Arletah & Ray Hochstetler Marcia Clark Michelle Matsey
Helen & Jim Wernicke Gary Buss Greg Clark
UM Men's Group Larry Struble Irene Cook
Jan & Paul Slabaugh Keith Rodman Mike Vogel
Glen & Joyce Cook Leroy Schrock Rachel Gladieux
Kris & David Hochstetler Marta Clark Jim Moore
Yellow Creek Sand & Gravel Pam Hochstetler Larry Stickel
Martin's Supermarket Joy Stankas Kami Metcalf
Lowe's Joyce Sherp Jane Rapp

Please accept our apologies for any names not mentioned in the lists of Volunteers & Donors.