(Established in 1980)

The United Methodist Men's Club meets on the first Sunday of each month from January through December. The meeting starts at 7:00am with a breakfast prepared by two or three men from the club. The rest of the meeting consists of singing, devotions, the business of the UMM and a spotlight where members will share their experiences with the group. The meeting takes place in the JUMC Fellowship Hall.

The membership averages around 18-25 with monthly attendance typically 15-20. Guests are always welcome.

We have fund raisers each year, typically in the spring and the fall.  In the spring and fall, we sell Nelson's barbeque chicken and Pit-Tatoes©.  In the fall we have an All-You-Can-Eat Sausage and Pancake breakfast.  We have also had All-You-Can-Eat spaghetti suppers.

The funds raised each year have enabled the men to help the needs of the church and the community. Over the years we have given financial assistance for youth church camp fees, VBS, VBS mission trips to Mississippi City, video recording Sunday morning Church Service for the shut-in's, donations to Bashor Home and many other needs that are brought to the attention of the men.

The first Sunday of February at 7:00AM each year, the men's club hosts a Sweetheart Breakfast for the church men and their sweethearts (but, everyone is welcome).

Come join us the first Sunday of the month and enjoy the fellowship and a good breakfast.

Officers for 2017—President, Nate Koets; Vice-President, Steve Squibb; Co-Secretaries, Bruce Clark & Greg Clark; Co-Treasurers, Keith Berg & Jim Eggleston.

2017 United Methodist Men’s Breakfast Schedule
Devotions – Jim Starkey
Song Leader – Jeff Clark

Date Head Cook Cook
January 1st Keith Berg Ray Hochstetler
February 5th Ray Hochstetler All Men
March 5th Greg Clark Gary Buss
April 2nd Mike Vogel Pastor Steve
May 7th Jim Angel Jim Eggleston
June 4th Jim Starkey Steve Mann
July 2nd Ray Hochstetler Larry Stickel
August 6th Greg Clark Jeff Clark
September 3rd Jim Angel Mike Vogel
October 1st Nate Koets Gary Buss
November 5th ? Tim Farwig
December 3rd Bruce Clark Jeff Clark

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