From the Pastor

March, 2024

John 2:17 I am always looking for opportunities for ministry inclusion.  Nothing makes me more giddy with delight than to see others experiencing joy from (through) their involvement in ministry with one another and our community.  When we meet God in the way that our hearts, minds, and bodies have been created, doing the work God has called us to, we often experience joy in this process.  Joy happens as we find ourselves doing the very thing that matches what God has created us for.  We find delight in discovery of these gifts.

My friends…the zeal we have been given for these tasks have been placed in us by God.  We read about Jesus’ zeal for his Father’s house – the Temple– and as he cleared it of the people and things that were not honoring his Father, he showed us a kind of zeal for the honor and glory of his Father that we too should be seeking every day.  Through our words, actions, thoughts, prayers, and our ministry.

We are called to live out our lives with zeal.  My mind recalls watching a man in our church recently who was filling in and running the live stream, and another time when 2 young men filled in a few weeks ago.  Both times, the zeal (excitement) for doing ministry in the church was evident.  It was a joy for me to be able to witness this.  Many, many other similar situations happen on Sundays and all throughout the week!

Maybe you are called to the ministry of listening, or counting, or washing things.  Or pushing buttons, or singing, or cleaning, or stitching, or visiting. Or cooking sausage, or serving in the community.  Do all of this with joy and zeal! And if so needed, talk to me, or to another trusted leader to discover what new possibilities there are to discover what God is calling you to.  Maybe becoming involved in a new ministry.  Who knows the possibilities?  God knows the infinite possibilities.  Be on the lookout for opportunities to encourage, praise, and invite others into ministries. These are BOLO moments.  (Be On the Look Out) for ways to invite others to share in new ministries, and to discover new ways to experience this joy of serving.

I am so blessed and privileged to be called by God to lead here at Jamestown United Methodist Church…in Christ’s church.  Alongside all of you, and together we make a place for people to feel welcomed and loved, accepted and free to discover their own God-given gifts for the furthering of God’s beloved kingdom.

Praise be to God!
   Amen! With Love,

Pastor Bette

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