Red Bird Mission Trip 2019

Mission Team at Church Prior to Departure

The Team arrived at the church on Sunday, June 29th for an early (yawn!)
departure to Red Bird Mission Camp in Eastern Kentucky.

The Team arrived at the Red Bird Mission Camp about mid afternoon.

Red Bird Entrance Sign


After arrival, we registered, got our "Bunk House" assignment,
got our group photo taken then made our way to the
"Eagles Nest" bunk house at the top of the hill.

Team Photo

Eagles Nest Bunk House

"Eagles Nest"


After getting settled, we relaxed a bit at Eagles Nest.

Relaxing on the Porch    Relaxing on the Porch

Well, most of us relaxed!

Connie    Becky


Views from Eagles Nest

Driving Path to and from Eagles Nest    Becky Looking Down on Main Campus    View from Eagles Nest

View from Eagles Nest    View from Eagles Nest

View from Eagles Nest    View from Eagles Nest




After that break, we made our way down to the "Cardinal House" which
is the main building where we eat our meals and...

Eagles Nest Bunk House


...just relax on the porch!

Relaxing on the Porch    Relaxing on the Porch

Relaxing on the Porch    Relaxing on the Porch    Relaxing on the Porch

Oh yeah, and here is just a portion of the steps that led up the hill to Eagles Nest.
Several of us chose the steps while others rode in a car.

First Set of Steps    Second Set of Steps


Main campus level

Original Log Cabin    View Around Main Campus

View Around Main Campus    View Around Main Campus

Campus View

Calico Cat    Dog with 2 Girls    Tuxedo the Cat

Campus Pets


Meal Time

Martin Talks to All Groups Before Each Meal

Martin Talks to All Groups Before Each Meal

Group Eating Meal    Debbie & Her Brother's Family

Eating evening meals in the Cardinal House Dining Room.
On Thursday, Debbie's brother and family made a surprise visit.


Jim Give Devotion and Joyce Blesses the Meal

Jim gave Devotions and Joyce gave blessing before a dinner on Friday.


Martin Talks to the Groups

In the Conference Room, Martin talks to the groups about
Red Bird Mission and what to expect on our project work sites.

Martin Talks to the Groups    Group Meeting Room

Jesus on Cross


Our Work Project for the Week

Tom and Lena Collins' Home

The Home of Tom and Lena Mae Collins



Our Mission, which we chose to accept, was to replace the stoop
at the back of the home and replace the tile floor in the kitchen.

The Original Stoop    Original Tile Floor


After picking up our work truck with tools and supplies,
we made our way to the work site.
At the work site, we met Lena Mae and Tom.

Tom and Lena Mae Collins

Pino, Red Bird Mission Leader

Pino, our Red Bird Project Leader.


Work Truck    Becky Talking with Lena Mae

Removing Original Stoop    Removing Original Stoop

Our first task was to remove the old stoop.

Since the new stoop was to be larger that the original, we had to dig
new holes for the support posts.  That was no easy chore as
there seemed to be more rocks to dig out that dirt.


LeRoy and Gary Making Plans    Debbie and Gary Cutting Boards

(l.) Gary and LeRoy put their heads together to plan the construction.
(r.) Gary and Debbie prepare to cut boards for the stoop frame
that will help to locate the support posts.


Assembling the Stoop Frame

Debbie, Carl and Gary assemble the frame.


Preparing to Set Posts    Posts Set in Place

With the frame assembled, the post holes were
finished and the posts set and held in place.

Below, Dave and Leroy mix the concrete to pour in the post holes.
But, with no mechanical mixer available, LeRoy used his hands to mix the concrete.

Pino and Dave    Dave and LeRoy Mix Concrete    LeRoy Mixes Concrete

Debbie, LeRoy and Pino Measure Out the New Floor Tile    Unloading the Floor Tile

(l.) Debbie, LeRoy and Pino measure out the new floor tile back at the Work Camp.
(r.) Unloading the floor tile at the job site on Tuesday morning.


Carl, Debbie, Jim & Gary    Stoop Platform with Cut Spindles

On Tuesday, the concrete was set and we quickly raised the frame
and put on the decking.  We also cut spindles for the railing.


Debbie Marks Stringers for Cutting    Carl Cutting Notches in Stringers

(l.) Debbie marks the stringers for cutting and (r.) Carl makes the cut.


Gary Fastening Stringers to Deck Frame    Gary Fastening Stringers to Deck Frame

(above) Gary attaches the stringers to the frame.
(below) Stringers are attached to the posts and braced.
With concrete poured around the stringer posts,
we wait for the concrete to set before we can attach the steps.

Stringers and Stringer Posts Set in Place


Meanwhile inside, LeRoy, Connie, Dave and others install the new tile floor.

LeRoy Working on Tile Floor

Connie Rolling Tile    LeRoy Attaches Tile Strip


Lena Mae and Tom were very pleased with their new tile floor.

Finished Tile Floor    Finished Tile Floor


Lunch breaks were taken wherever we could find a place to sit...or stand.

Eating Lunch    Eating Lunch

Eating Lunch    Eating Lunch


Wednesday was a non-work day and we were free to do what we wanted.
We decided to go into the town of Corbin, Ky to see what was there.
Corbin was the home town of Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken).
As we made our way through the winding roads on our way to Corbin,
we saw many coal mining sites and operations.

Coal Mining Operation    Coal Mining Operation

Coal Mining Operation    Coal Mining Operation

Coal Mining Operation    Coal Mining Operation

Coal Mining Operation    Coal Mining Operation    Coal Mining Operation


Arriving in Corbin, we chose to find something to eat first.
As we walked the streets, we saw this old truck with the name
"Austin City Saloon" on its door.

Austin City Saloon Pickup Truck

Austin City Saloon Sign    Team Eating Lunch At Austin City Saloon

"Austin City Saloon" was newly opened but we decided to give it a try.
The workers and management there were great, as was the food.
We highly recommend it if you're ever in Corbin.


We spent the rest of the afternoon looking through antique shops and other stores.
We also found a little plaza that was a tribute to Colonel Sanders.

Colonel Sanders Bench

Colonel Sanders Statue    Colonel Sanders Statue

Colonel Sanders Mural    Jane with Colonel Sanders Statue

Joyce and Dave with Colonel Sanders Statue    LeRoy and Carl with Colonel Sanders Statue


Thursday morning, back on the work site.
All that's left was to install the steps, railings and spindles.

Assembling Railings & Spindles

Assembling Railings    Assembling Railings

Assembling Railings



Finished Stoop    Finished Stoop

Lena Mae Give Her 'Thumbs Up'

AND...A BIG thumbs up from Lena Mae!


While the construction crew was finishing up the stoop, Becky and Joyce took
Lena Mae to a beauty salon for the first time in her 72 years of life.

Lena Mae at Beauty Salon    Lena Mae's Hair Styled


Thursday evening was "Talent Night".
Dave attempted the "coin behind the ear trick" but his
hands was not quicker than the eyes of these two kids!

Dave Attempts Magic Trick on 2 Kids


With our project completed a day early, we took a tour of the Red Bird Christian High School.

Red Bird Christian High School

Red Bird Chistian School Gym    Red Bird Chistian School Library

Room for Meetings and Church Service


Since we finished our project at Tom & Lena Mae's a day early,
we took on additional work around the campus.

Connie with Fishing Rod    Jim Painting Room

Connie checks out the fishing gear while Jim paints a storage room.
Jane, Carl and Gary assisted Jim with the painting.


LeRoy Patches Ceiling

LeRoy & Gary patched the ceiling in another storage room.


Playing Crummy Rummy    The Ladies Relaxing

Some evenings were spent playing "Crummy Rummy" or just relaxing.

Dave 'Snoozing' in Chair

Some "relaxed" a lot more than the others.


Well, our mission was done and the week was at its end.

Saturday morning, we made our way through the hills and valleys on the
winding roads of eastern Kentucky to head back to our homes in Indiana.

Road Through the Mountains    Road Through the Mountains

Father God, we all thank you for the opportunity we had to make a difference in the lives of Tom and Lena Mae.  We pray that what we provided will be a blessing for them for many years to come. We are thankful for the bond that was created between our team and the Collins family and also with the other mission volunteers we encountered.  Father, we pray this in the name of your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen.