A Sundy School Class meeting since the early 1960's

The class ranges in age from 45 to plus 70's


Presently we are studying a question and answer study, much like school, and of course sometimes we discuss other subjects rather than the lesson.  Our class members have several versions of the Bible and it's good to get different interpretations of the verses.

The class maintains and sets up the outdoor Nativity Scene in front of the Church; usually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The class acquired this job when a class older than us decided it was time for a younger group to do this; probably around 1965.  A whole new Nativity Scene has been purchased by the class in the last couple of years.

The class has done and will do fund raisers, receptions for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and retirement parties.  The class has a semi-annual Bake Sale in June and December for "Christ Is Life Ministries"; a ministry of Lynn and Rosemary Williams.

The class supports a monthly pledge for the Williams' ministry and they also give a monthly pledge to Indiana Children's Home School.  The class gives to four Ministries: Susanna's Kitchen, Church Community Services, Riverview Adult Day Care and Woman's Shelter of Elkhart.  Special gifts are given to Faith Mission of Elkhart, Gifts for Children of Baugo Schools at Christmas and Heat for Homes.  When there is a call from the pulpit for extra funds for something special, the class steps forward.

The class goes out to eat when the Williams are up from Texas.  We have a class Christmas party at a class member's home.  If we have a reception on Saturday, we do much of the preparation on Friday and we go out to eat.  If the reception is on Sunday afternoon, we have a carry-in while we are setting up.  This class enjoys our time together and we love to cook and eat.

The class leader is Ray Hochstetler.  His assistant is Jim Angel.

We welcome newcomers!


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